How it works

“Technography” is the art of taking photos, ‘photography’ and manipulating them with a couple of programs on the computer, ‘technology’.

Optique Photography creates unique, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork as the images are all individual and cannot be recreated or duplicated.

If anyone were to try and replicate one of the images, they would not be able to as the original photograph would need to be exactly the same to create the exact same 3d art. This would be impossible as the elements; light, shade, item of focus are near impossible to recreate. It is these unique and very special elements that go into creating the individual shape and aspects of each 3d art that we produce.

Therefore you are guaranteed to be purchasing a very individual piece of abstract art from Optique Photography.

Each image can be rotated to create a different aspect (i.e. looking at the artwork from a different angle) which lends itself perfectly to a triptych (3 images in a row) and these can be created in different colours of the image to suit your decor.

This is art photography with a difference and each image has a story to tell and can mean something different to each person viewing it. Each image comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a story of how the image began.

Our images can be done as canvas printing, lustre, gloss, or metallic paper, plexiglass or metal printing (chromaluxe – price on request only). We have only listed a few sizes and limited colours, however, if there is specific size or colour that you would like, please contact us and we will endeavour to provide you with exactly what you want and send you a quote accordingly … for that something different.

We are able to provide images for the Commercial sector. One particular successful example is that we have already done this on takeaway coffee cups and the cups look fabulous. Other commercial items we can print on are; china coffee cups & plexiglass clocks.

Please go to our gallery to view some of our images. Not all of our images are in the “shop” so if there is something in the gallery you would like please contact us through the Contact link. If you want us to create a unique image for your office, home or as a gift please click on this Contact link and give us an outline of what you are looking for and we will create a couple of samples to send to you to choose from.